Helen Martin in On Film, August 2010:
“Long ago I was teaching in a boys’ school and Sam Hunt was booked to come and talk about poetry at a school assembly. I knew the kids would give him a hard time and I was really nervous, embarrassed in advance about the abominations they’d unleash. I was right – when Hunt came on stage in his signature stove-pipe jeans, flowing shirt and scarf, hair flying every which way, there was a rumble of barely suppressed derision from hundreds of adolescent male throats. Then Hunt began to speak and, until he’d finished what he’d come to say, he held them all, transfixed, in the palm of his hand. This film does that too.”
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Noel McCarthy said on National Radio, July 2010
““If this is documentary about what poetry gives us and what poetry gives the poet, it also shows what poetry and living as a poet cost him [Sam Hunt]. It has cost him. He talks about the drinking, he talks about ‘falling off the ledge’… about the lonely places. This is a beautifully woven documentary.”
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Christine Powley in the Otago Daily Times, July 2010 wrote:
“The only changes between then and now seems to be more lines and a shift from beer to wine.”
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Andy Palmer in Lumiere, August 2010 wrote:
“With a man like Sam Hunt, any film that attempts to capture him is only going to touch on aspects, but Purple Balloon and Other Stories touches those aspects with a wonderful sense of balance. In some ways it is like a Sam Hunt poem: unpretentious, approachable, and often insightful.”
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    DVD out July 2012

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