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  1. Campbell Morrison says:

    I have your new DVD, I really wanted to understand your poetry format and background but there is something wrong with the dvd or my player, I cant hear most of the older clips and the voice is totally out of sync with the video.

    Please what format is this DVD

    • Jim Scott says:

      There is one occasion where Sam is reading a poem to some school kids, about 17mins into doco, and it is out of sinc because we added the sound and obviously did not sinc properly, but as far as I can tell the sound is okay and you can heart the poem… its only a few lines from the poem. The rest all appears okay to me, as far as format goes it is pal. Have you tried playing on a computer?

      • Campbell morrison says:

        Thanks Jim you are quite right, works fine on my PC must be something with my blue ray player, strange though as it works fine with every other DVD, never mind I know how to watch it now, cheers

  2. It’s taken me over 40 years to appreciate this guy. In the past I had no time for him or his poetry. As life has gone on you go through a series of battles, ups and downs, sad times and happy. I heard one of Sam’s later ditties and it summed up the journey that life has been. I finally had some form of affinity with what he was saying. About the DVD – Count me in!
    To your longevity Sam Hunt.

  3. Ruary Laidlaw says:

    I would love a DVD of this Sam! Personal request!

  4. Jim Scott says:

    DVD out late July 2012

  5. Gary Crowley says:

    I saw this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it also. I would definitely buy a DVD if it were to become available.

  6. Ellyn says:

    Loved this movie!!! Saw the opening screening at the Victoria in Hamilton.

    Just wondering, any plans for a DVD in the near future??

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